New logo

Lavì Abeni is the author of the original logo.

Alessandro Antonini and Martina Farolfi modernized it.

This website

Davide Depau. The website is based on WordPress. The theme, based on Activello, takes inspiration and some code from Agency. It is open-source and available on GitHub.

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A special thank you goes to Stefano Campanella who made the previous website.


PoliMi Pride 2018 design

A big thank you for the new PoliMi Pride graphics goes to:

  • Website design: Matteo Rinaldi, Nicolò Grandieri
  • Gadget and graphics design: Elisabetta Cusumano, Giulia Fumagalli, Sara Airaghi
  • Promotional video: Francesco Meroni

We would also like to thank the teachers Valeria Bucchetti and Umberto Tolino for finding us a designer team and supervising the work.

PoliMi Pride website

The website is written by Davide Depau; content has been written with the collaboration of PoliEdro members.

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Donation website

  • The front-end is written by Stefano Campanella.
  • The back-end is written by Davide Depau.