Participate in the fundraising and receive our gadgets!

Since Polimi Pride Week is coming up (here for more information) we launched a fundraiser. Help us to plan our upcoming events and to make our inclusive merchandise!

How does it work?

  1. Donate whatever sum you choose, using our PayPal link () (please write your name as the reason for payment!)
  2. You’ll receive our complimentary gadgets based on the donation amount, while supplies last
  3. You’ll be able to withdraw your gadgets during the days of Polimi Pride Week (from 27/06 to 01/07) from our stands in Politecnico (Leonardo and Bovisa campuses)
  4. Follow our social media (see below) to find out the location and opening times of our stands. Take this opportunity for a little study break!

With your donation you will receive…
• 🧷 the POLIMI PRIDE pin, with a donation ranging between €3 and €5;
• 🧷 a pin + 🃏 a POLIMI PRIDE megasticker, with a donation of €5 or more.

Regardless of whether you’ll be a donor, we’d love to meet you and share the feeling and meaning of Pride, which should be celebrated everyday, not only during the magic parades. ✊

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